“A ColonelBlade is one of my “go to” tools in regards to edged weapons. It’s an efficient tool that can be used by notice or pro. It’s a close-in, “get off me” blade that’s easily concealed and quickly employed.
— Paul Howe / CSAT
We train serious practitioners with the best weapon systems available. That said, we train with ColonelBlades.
— Tom Spooner, NorthernRed
I’ve used and carried a lot of knives and I’ve never found one that carries or handles anywhere close to this thing. It disappears under a t-shirt and feels like an extension on my hand. I found my EDC knife.
— ColonelBlades™ Customer, Ft Myers FL
This blade allows me to simplify my real-world combatives while operating under stress.
— ColonelBlades™ Customer/Facebook Post
Holy Crap...this thing is amazing!
— ColonelBlades™ Customer/Facebook Post
...an essential piece of gear for me in my assignment work undercover.
— NJ State Undercover Officer
“My LowVz is the most confidence-inspiring weapon I have that’s not a firearm...a constant companion.”
— U.S. Army, Active Duty Overseas
best non-firing weapon system I’ve ever owned.
— ColonelBlades™ Customer/Grayslake IL
This is simply a kick-ass piece of gear...
— ColonelBlades™ Customer/Los Angeles CA
Best knife I own!
— ColonelBlades™ Customer/Montevallo AL