Robar® NP3+

Get the Full Bird or LowVz finished in NP3+.

Robar's® NP3+ coating combines all the benefits of NP3--sub-micron particles of Teflon with electroless nickel-- which make for an incredibly hard and resistant non-reflective finish. It's accredited for aerospace applications--that's durable.

But NP3+ also provides 5x the corrosion resistance of original NP3, which makes this the blade to carry in intense-corrosion environments like salt air/water and high-humidity situations. If you need a blade that can withstand the elements, a LowVz or Fullbird NP3+ is right for you.

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Robar® Roguard

Your LowVz can be finished in Black Roguard. 

Roguard is a molybdenum-disulfide based polymer finish that's extremely tough. Formulated as a protective coating for firearm applications, Roguard provides the lubrication and corrosion protection necessary to meet U.S. Military Machine Gun Dry Firing Requirements after 60 days sea water immersion or 1000 hours salt spray MIL-STD-TEST. 


When we decided that ColonelBlades had to be impervious to all the crap we knew you'd throw at them, ROBAR® was our choice. 

ROBAR® is recognized as a lead manufacturer of custom firearms, and the coatings that keep them in excellent condition. Here's the run down on ROBAR® finish choices found on ColonelBlades.